Govervanance Structure


The SACCO is governed by the Co-operative Act and the Rules and the established By-Laws. The Management structure is well established and ensures democracy, transparency, accountability and good return on Investments (ROI) to members. The members have the supreme authority.  The members elect delegates who discuss and give the SACCO mandate of operations in the Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM) which is held at the end of every year or can be held as Special ADM for special agenda

There is a Full Management Board that comprises of 9 members which is sub-divided into various sub-Committees as shown below:

(i`)   Finance and Administration Committee.

(ii)  Credit Committee.

(iii) Education / marketing Committee.

(iv) Audit committee.

 The division of the Full Board into Sub Committees is for ease of administration and management of the SACCO and the subcommittees have specific duties.  There is a Supervisory Board that comprises of 3 Members.

Staff Structure has Top, Middle and Lower levels whereby the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the Top most and acts as the link between the Board and the Staff.  The departments in the SACCO are Administration, finance, Business Development strategy and marketing, credit, information and computer technology, internal audit and operations and they are all headed by qualified and competent staff.

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